If you love the bare feet freedom yet your feet are still comfortably protected then Chookleaf shoes could be the perfect happy option. 

We love how these shoes care about the children’s healthy development, their growing feet and their free spirit.
Chookleaf shoes are recommended by good foot doctors. The straps are designed very simply so even those little hands can put/take their own shoes on and off.
Little ones often delight themselves when they can put their own shoes on as they learn to walk and explore.  

With Chookleaf shoes each pair of shoe is crafted one by one by shoemakers who love to work using traditional methods.  When nurtured the shoes will mould to each unique feet organically and the shoes develop a character, or a soul.

The leather is NOT chemically treated to keep the exquisite soft feel of the lambskin leather on the skin when worn, allowing the feet to breathe.  Soft and very light weight,  they are very nurturing to wear for the feet whilst being very forgiving so they can last a long time when cared for properly.   

Leather is used inner and outer with a natural rubber sole