safe hand sanitiser

Since this Corona-pandemic, a hand sanitiser has become a part of our every day necessity especially when we are out and about we are required to use it to sanitise our hands as a part of the requirement to be allowed entry to a shop, restaurant, a cafe, so on. I make sure I have my own little hand sanitiser with me at all times. The only Hand sanitiser that we have been happy enough to use for our hands out and about and especially for my daughter while she needs to use one at school every day of the week, is the Thieves Hand Sanitiser from the Thieves range made by Young Living.  

Once I used one in a cafe as I had a accidentally forgot to carry my own. The artificial fragrance scent was too strong for me I didn’t feel like I could hang around and enjoy the food as the scent I could smell from my hands were just too strong and artificial. Instantly I could tell it was going to affect my sense of taste and it would start to give me a bit of a headache as well. I was surprised how it would affect me on so many levels. 

My daughter who is in class 2, always has her Thieves Hand sanitizer in her backpack. Every day she tells me how many of her friends come up to her  whenever she is using it because they too prefer to use this one instead of the readily available one from the school (the pharmaceutical brand ones). They all love the peppermint smell from the Young Living essential oil and it is not only nice and refreshing it also works to support the immunity of the one who is using this product. Along peppermint oils it also has other immune boosting oils, like cinnamon and clove oils. 

I am happy to make these everyday necessity kind of products accessible/ available to you/your family as it is something that is needed for a repetitive use day after day, and it is so important that our hands/our children's hands are exposed to a gentler, non/less toxic, plants based hand sanitiser that are not harmful for their well being/ system to function. Recently I have bee hearing that children’s hands are getting dried out from using the normal ones sold on shelves at the shops, and some has to apply (rather strong) medication to try and fix/ manage this dryness. I feel for those little children’s hands. I hope that this post can help for those people if they would like to make a switch to a gentler, less toxic option as these products are actually available, just not advertised like in the mainstream advertisements or they just may not be readily available in pharmacies, Coles/Woolworth/Aldi etc. When the safest ones really should be within reach easily. SO I hope this post can help you. 

This sanitiser doesn’t dry out your hands, it makes our hands soft and smells like we have just touched a fresh peppermint shrub. Yes the peppermint oil used in this little bottle is a pure, organic, therapeutic grade. If you'd like to give this alternative, safe, option a try, for yourself or your loved ones please add it to your cart (it is priced at $9.50 per bottle) and we can send it with the pair of shoes, or on its own. Or if you think you’d like to try a bigger (REFILL) size, or get a couple of these little handy ones perfect size for travel/your bag, please reach out so I can help you & make these available to you. 


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