Little Oak tree (Donguri) Steiner home based care/preschool

  • Interested families with small children looking for a Steiner inspired home based care in the Lower North Shore part of Sydney are encouraged to get in touch.

more details will be available soon - however 
I am currently taking interests.. 

  • I will be offering a little Steiner inspired nurturing home based care setting for small children at my home in North Willoughby 

  • It will be from 9:30 - 2:30 (half day) 
  • The day will be filled with soul warming activities to create nurturing & learning home like environment for the children 
  • The content of the day will include - engaging in meaningful activities such as - bread baking, being immersed in open ended imaginative plays, stories, gardening, drawing/painting, Caring for the outside environment, walking, caring for small flurry animals, learning to be involved & take a part in the both important & meaningful work of our day to day life. 

• Lots of songs, celebrating beauty in the world and arrounds us.
• cooking and sharing enjoying blessings from the Mother Earth